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I am passionate about teaching and strive to offer the best learning experience possible. Class numbers are limited to ensure a quality learning experience. All course content is registered with and approved by the Energy Healers Association. EHA is the leader in currently getting Reiki accredited by W&H Seta. By receiving certificates for each level, you will be able to register with EHA, if you so wish,  giving creditability to your training.

Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho (Westernised Reiki) - Certified Course

There are many Reiki courses available including weekend courses. However, I believe there is so much more to be learned and understood which, taking nothing away from short courses, is paramount to you being able to offer a more rounded service and benefit to both yourself and clients. In order for you to feel confident in your healing practice, a lot of practical work is included. Not everyone learns by theory alone, and working with energy requires that you experience energy and its unique fingerprints in a practical manner. As they say "practice makes perfect" - although we never stop learning! Additional elements to Reiki are included to help you have a better understanding of how energy works. For example, there is a comprehensive module on the Chakra System - there is so much information to grasp here, both practical and theory, that this module is split over 2 classes.

COURSE STARTING: 25 March 2023 - 09h30 to 13h30

This is a certified course

Course Duration: 16 weeks (meeting once a week) 

Cost: R4,500 Deposit R450 to secure place / payment options available

Course outline:

Self-empowerment and personal growth

Spiritual fundamentals

Healing attunement to release any blockages i.e., physical, emotional, mental

Energy healing techniques, intuitive healing, and psychic healing

Basic anatomy and physiology

The human aura, seeing the aura

The major chakras, pendulum dowsing for chakras, chakra balancing – various options

Conducting a healing session, hygiene, counselling and listening skills, ethics, record keeping

Intuition skills, meditation skills, spirit guides and angels

Energy and Vibrational Medicine: Basics of Chinese meridians, visualisation, colour healing

Basics of animal healing

Part 1: Self-development and getting to know and understand energy


Reiki 1 Shoden: the history of Reiki, Reiki 1 attunement, traditional Japanese Reiki treatment, chakra balancing with Reiki and affirmations, various healing techniques from different Usui-based Reiki styles, self-healing, the Reiki principles


Reiki 2 Okuden:  the second-degree healing symbols, Reiki 2 attunement, other uses for the symbols, absent/distant healing, healing bad habits, various healing techniques from different Usui-based Reiki styles.


Reiki 3A(Reiki Advanced) Shinpiden:  the third degree, the master healing symbol, Reiki Advanced attunement, using the master symbol to empower, Reiki Advanced Meditation techniques, crystal grids for healing & manifestation, overcome fear, dissolving the ego, aura clearing therapy, basics of Meridian Therapy, various Usui-based healing techniques.



Do your research. Unfortunately, there are some within the spiritual community who claim to have the only accredited course available and as such you will only be able to register with their association as a practitioner if you complete their course. This is not true. "Reiki is a spiritual practice, so regulation simply does not apply. Regulated spiritual practice is religion.  Moreover, Reiki practice is accessible to everyone, not only a select few. Imagine trying to regulate traditional Yoga..."   Most International bodies will accept registration of practitioners providing a course of 12 weeks, or more, has been completed regardless of who your teacher has been or is.


When studying Reiki there is more to it than just finding a teacher. Your teacher will become your mentor. It is vital that you find a teacher with whom you feel comfortable and who will support you on your journey. If possible, meet with a prospective teacher before signing up. Trust your instincts in knowing if this is a good fit for you or not.

Intuitive / Psychic Development

We are all born with an ability. We just need to uncover and understand it. This workshop is geared towards those who would like to explore their intuition and to live in harmony with it.

Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used as talismans, for healing and a variety of other purposes for decades. There is no prerequisite to doing this course although some form of energy healing will be advantageous. This is an awesome modality when used in conjunction with Reiki. Please note: You will need to purchase a few extra crystals over and above those supplied with your course.

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