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You are unique, and as such, so too will be your experience. Reiki will only ever work for your highest good on all levels at any given time. 

For me, reiki (Elaine) has changed my life. I used to be very anxious and paranoid to sleep as I experienced night terrors, this caused me to be very tired and more emotional then I usually would. This had a negative affect on all my relationships, and I knew that I could not live like this any longer. I decided to go to reiki and see if it could help me to cope better with things. I was anxious the first day as I did not know what to expect as this is my first time experiencing holistic healing. I felt immediately comfortable as I entered the room filled with crystals and Buddha’s, there was a sense of warmth and comfort. Since my first visit with Elaine I could not be happier, it truly changed and saved my relationships and my health. I have been to her around 5/6 times and I can sleep without being afraid, I can be alone in public and be more independent because of the tools that Elaine gave me. We spoke about things from my childhood that no therapist has ever asked or found out, we then realized that those were the triggers to my panic and anxiety attacks. Taking the time to be there for myself with Elaine has been the best decision I have ever made. My whole mood, energy and presence has completely changed from the beginning to now, I am a lot more confident and secure with myself. Elaine picked up on things that not a lot of people know, things that I had not told her or hinted towards, it was completely surreal experiencing it. I highly recommend that you give it a try, you have nothing to lose but you have everything to gain. MG

I met Elaine as I was curious to find out more about reiki for animals. I gave it a try myself to see what the fuss was all about. Little did I know that Elaine would help me through my cancer treatment with weekly reiki sessions and also with the operations. I have been very fortunate not get sick with the chemo and with very little side effects.

So when Elaine said she was going to do reiki course I enrolled. I am very grateful that I did as I can now help with our pets and family. Elaine is an amazing lady and you totally make the right decision to enrol in her course and to have reiki sessions with her. VM

Elaine is one of those very special people you come across very rarely. She is incredibly intuitive, patient, kind and her insight into all things energy related is astounding. As a healing practitioner and teacher myself,  I highly recommend her. I often refer clients on to her for healing sessions as, in my opinion, she is one of the best in Johannesburg. As a teacher, Elaine is incredible. Her knowledge is vast, and this comes from both experience, and her continued thirst for learning and then her passion for imparting that knowledge on to others. She has become a valued friend over the years and someone I am very grateful to have in my life. AW

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