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Reiki is a system of healing which accesses universal (Rei) energy (Ki). This energy is not only within us but surrounds us constantly. It is believed that Reiki originated thousands of years ago in Tibet. It was rediscovered in Japan in the early 1900's by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is offered by light, non-invasive touch with the therapist’s hands either gently resting on or above various areas of the body. Practitioners are trained how to hold space and harness positive, healing reiki energy which will travel to the areas of the body most in need.

The principle of Reiki has been used since the dawn of time. Touch with compassion has always been used to convey healing, comfort and love.  Life happens, and when this energy is disrupted in any way we feel stress more easily, become un-well and may experience dis-ease. Reiki provides deep relaxation encouraging the triggering your own natural healing ability. Healing takes place on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Energy healing is not intended to replace conventional medical intervention however, Reiki complements and supports medical and/or therapeutic practices to relieve side effects and promote recovery. In some parts of the world, Reiki is available as a complementary and supporting therapy in hospitals and medical practices. Perhaps one day we will realise an integrated healing system encompassing and embracing alternative and allopathic practices with each working together hand in hand. 

A Reiki session is beneficial to anyone regardless of age or health status. Reiki will do no harm and will only ever work for the highest good of the recipient, situation or circumstance. 


What to Expect.

You will remain fully clothed, lie on a therapy bed or,  remain seated comfortably and supported in a chair (this can be further adapted as required). Reiki is activated by the laying on of hands with butterfly touch or, hands held above the body (when an area cannot be touched directly e.g. burns, open wounds etc.). Body privacy is adhered to at all times and touch is therefore never inappropriate. Everyone experiences a Reiki session differently but the most common sensations are; from the therapists hands - warmth, tingling, cold, pulsations, without any physical discomfort. Some people fall into a deep sleep whilst others feel they are drifting pleasantly in serene and calm space. Some feel nothing at all - Reiki does its job no matter what you feel.

Some recipients feel an immediate change, others may start to notice subtle differences over a period of days. You are you - whatever you experience is right for you!  Trust the intelligence of your body and Reiki energy to give you exactly what you need at that time.

Some after treatment benefits:-

Acceleration of natural healing

Dis-ease/un-ease worked on at a causal level

Assists the body to release toxins

Stress is more easily released

Clarity of thoughts and general awareness

Easing of pain and/or discomfort 

Increased creativity

Stimulation of the immune system

A sensation of feeling better within the self as a whole

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